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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Why Arguments For Killing Of Giraffe Marius Don’t Stand Up To Scrutiny   Leave a comment

Why they breed their animals at all is a valid question after Marius’s death. It can hardly be because they need meat to feed to their predators, or can it??


“WTF…they didn’t have to kill  him, Marius was offered various homes & even a business man was willing to pay thousands to save the giraffe! It seems it’s rules for one & rules for another in the EAZA operation! If they can’t or don’t want an animal that doesn’t fit their requirements, they should have a system in place whereby the un-wanted animal can always be offered an alternative home; if they can’t manage that…then perhaps they shouldn’t be breeding animals at all!!

Thanks to my dear friend on for heads up on these. Please sign:


Editor’s note: Liz Tyson is Director of UK charity, The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS). She previously lived and worked in the Colombian Amazon on conservation projects. She is a board member of conservation charity Neotropical Primate Conservation and a doctoral researcher at the University of Essex, School of Law. The opinions expressed in this commentary…

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GRAPHIC IMAGE: Danish zookeepers kill healthy baby giraffe with a bolt gun because he was ‘surplus to requirements’ – then feed him to the LIONS   Leave a comment

I’m ashamed to live in such close proximity to the Copenhagen Zoo, I vow to never again set my foot on their premises. This is totally outrageous!!


WTF…this young giraffe didn’t have to die, this is so fxxxxd up! Marius was offered numerous homes along with a guy willing to pay thousands of pounds to save the animal. This is more than tragic & has shown us the public, an insight into these so called Conservation breeding programs! If these zoo’s allow these births, then they should be prepared to re-home the animals if they do not fit in the correct genetic make-up!! 

Thanks to my dear friend on for heads up on these. Please sign:

  • Marius was shot with a bolt gun at Copenhagen Zoo
  • Spokesman said they were unable to find Marius a home at another zoo
  • Thousands had signed petitions appealing for a change of heart
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park reportedly put in a last-ditch offer to take Marius in

This is the horrific moment schoolchildren crowded around to watch as the body of a…

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Take action now to stop the Australian shark cull   Leave a comment

Our Compass

Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons

Please click HERE to take action

Background, Source GreenPeace

A brutal and misguided mass cull of sharks has begun in Western Australia.

All human deaths at sea are tragic — but this knee-jerk response is scientifically unproven and pushes already vulnerable species to the brink.

Let’s pile the pressure on WA Premier Colin Barnett to halt this senseless shark attack.

Order a FREE vegan kit:

Take PETA’s Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide along with you next time you head to the store! The handy guide will help you find humane products at a glance. Order a FREE copyHERE

Want to do more than go vegan? Help others to do so! Click on the below for nominal, or no, fees to vegan literature that you can use to convince others that veganism is the only compassionate route to being an animal friend.


Action for Animals has a…

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France: Chef Kills and Eats Puppy   Leave a comment

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Cruelty Watch: Copenhagen zoo shoots dead healthy giraffe   1 comment

Of Course Vegan

giraffe-marius-shot-story-topThe reasons given by the Copenhagen Zoo administration are irrelevant. A healthy animal, already depraved of a natural life and the culture that is supposed to be given to such majestic animals, was shot and murdered because zoo officials felt that 2-year-old giraffe Marius could become involved in “inbreeding.” What happened at Copenhagen Zoo is part of the overall problems facing captivity across the globe. When a healthy living being is forcibly killed, for whatever reason, it should bring us to question once again a system that is continually claimed as saving animals and helping in conservation efforts.

It is plain to see that zoos are in a business and even healthy animals are expendable. Just shoot them dead and feed them to other animals – in this case, lions – for the public to watch and be in awe. This doesn’t even mention how far from a natural African…

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RUSSIA: Way behind on animal protection   Leave a comment


PETA -  (2014)

A Message to Moscow: Throw Fur Out!

Many countries are slow to put animal protection law on the agenda. However, Russia is actively going backwards on this issue!According Mikhail Novikov, who lives in Russia, the Parliament of the Russian Federation officially condones the regime of killing of animals. Every year, officials of the Russian Federation kill more than 700 thousand homeless animals by the cheapest and cruelest methods. There are no attempts to implement sterilisation schemes to address the problem of these strays. The government remains indifferent to pleas from animal rights activists, even now with the world’s attention on Russia.

Russia dog killing

The 2014 winter Olympics is being held in the city of Sochi, southern Russia.

Close to Sochi is Pyatigorsk, which has a huge fur industry. Although China is currently the world’s largest producer of fur, there is a high demand for fur items in Russia.So PeTA…

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Where Are We?   Leave a comment

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