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Clear statement from the EU against legal wolf hunting   Leave a comment

December 6, 2017 SOURCE

Despite the continuing expansion of the wolf in Europe, in particular, Central Europe, the EU Commission does not want to change the wolf’s protective status. Phil Hogan, Commissioner for Agriculture, stated to the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” that the wolf is still an endangered species in most parts of the EU. Therefore, a focused hunting of the animals to minimise their population in counterproductive and will be prohibited.

This clear statement of the EU Commission follows the request of the German Minister for Agriculture Christian Schmidt. He asked the EU Commission to change the strict protective status of the wolf to simplify its hunting. The Minister for Agriculture of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Till Backhaus, supported this request.

EU supports herd management measures

According to Hogan, the EU Commission is aware that the spreading of the wolf causes problems. A survey of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” in the federal states of Germany last year, revealed that since the return of the wolf, more than 3500 out of 1,800,000 livestock animals have been killed in Germany. In contrast, approximately 50.000 were killed by lightning, bad weather and infections like worms. Also, almost all of the livestock killed were unprotected.

Mr. Hogan stated that this is recognized by the EU and that a better protection of grazing livestock will be financially supported. Furthermore, the current regulation already allows the shooting of individual animals. But only if it serves the “population management” and does not jeopardize the survival of the species. This includes the shooting of so-called “problem wolves”, such as “Kurti”. The state government of Lower Saxony instructed to shoot him in April 2016 after he continuously came close to people and beg for food. It turned out that he most surely was fed by a soldier in his first years being part of the Wolfpack Leo based in the military training ground Munster in Lower Saxony.

Herd protection dogs


Decisions like this are backed up by homepages such as the Swiss homepage There it says that the wolf is an integral part of a forest’s biodiversity. Studies prove that the wolf actively contributes to the natural balance of ecosystems. Furthermore, its presence can lead to more vital game populations. This is because the wolf has a regulating effect on game populations. Consequently, the behaviour of deer and roe deer changes. They wander around more and do not feed in the same places all the time. This also has positive effects on forest rejuvenation.
Another issue is that human hunters take a shot animal out of the forest. This way no one else can profit from it. Whereas the wolf does not eat the whole prey at once. These dispersed carcasses are essential food sources for scavengers. Additionally, they offer necessary ecological niches for many organisms of the forest.

All major NGOs demand right to exist of the wolf in Germany

In the beginning of 2017, the WWF demanded a clear commitment of Germany’s government for the wolf’s right to exist. The organization stated that it is necessary to work on solutions. In particular for the substantial problems of the extensive pasture grazing in Germany.

The German nature conservation organization NABU thinks that the possible hunting of wolves cannot be a solution to wolf attacks. Their federal chairman Leif Miller said, that in most cases of attacks mistakes in the herd protection measures have been determined. He continues that it would be wrong to lead the farmers to believe that the shooting of a single wolf would help them. The rest of the pack is still out there and still won’t be afraid of the livestock.

Even the professional German Shepherd Associations does not demand the general killing of wolves but more investments into herd management measures to protect the livestock.

In Austria, the NaturschutzBund Austria with the support of the European Wilderness Society and WWF started a Petition for the Wolf to return.

It is of major importance to support and reinforce the farmers in protecting their livestock. For instance with special fences and herding dogs as well as with the financing of such measures as already effectively practiced in Brandenburg and in Graubünden Switzerland. 

The federal office for environmental protection and the federal documentation and counseling center of the wolf (DBBW) recently published data that proves that there are about 60 documented wolf-packs in Germany at the moment. That is 13 more than a year ago.

By Verena Gruber


Jaktbeslut överklagas   1 comment

Från:  SVT Värmlandsnytt

Jan.06, 2014 av Karin Mannberg


Naturskyddsföreningen kommer att göra allt för att stoppa vargjakten på fredag trots gårdagens beslut där Naturvårdsverket gav klartecken till jakt.

På trettondagsafton gav Naturvårdsverket klartecken till jakt på 24 vargar i Värmland och tolv i Örebro län med start på fredag. Enligt Naturskyddsföreningen är det ett brott mot EU:s lagstifting att beslutet inte går att överklaga.

– Vi vill ge Förvaltningsrätten chansen att gripa in i det här ärendet, säger Jan Terstad, naturvårdschef på Svenska Naturskyddsföreningen.

Men det här ska ju inte gå att överklaga?

– Nej, och det strider mot EU-rätten.

Ändrade lagen

De två senaste åren har vargjakten stoppats efter överklaganden från flera miljöorganisationer. I våras ändrade den dåvarande regeringen Jaktförordningen så att beslut om vargjakt bara kan överklagas till Naturvårdsverket, och inte till domstol.

Enligt Naturskyddsföreningen är både jaktbeslutet i sig, och det faktum att det inte går att överklaga vidare, ett brott mot EU-rätten.

Tillsammans med Världsnaturfornden och Svenska Rovdjursföreningen har man redan tidigare vänt sig till Förvaltningsrätten i Karlstad för att få ett tillfälligt stopp för jakten. Nu kommer miljöorganisationerna även överklaga gårdagens beslut i Naturvårdsverket.

– Den här typen av förvaltningsbeslut ska gå att få överprövade i domstol och inte bara av en myndighet, säger Jan Terstad i Naturskyddsföreningen.

10 animal rights victories of 2014   3 comments

From:  The Independent

Dec. 10, 2014 by Mimi Bekhechi

Orca whale by Getty Images.

On International Animal Rights Day, here are the 10 stand-out victories for animals in 2014:

Retailers around the world pull angora wool products

PETA Asia’s exposé of angora farms in China – where rabbits have the fur violently ripped out of their skin – has led retailers, including ASOS, H&M, Calvin Klein, Ted Baker, French Connection, All Saints, Tommy Hilfiger and many more, to drop this cruel product in droves – you’d be hard-pressed to find a single shop on the High Street still offering angora. In the past month alone, we’ve added Lacoste and Monsoon to the list.

Moscow International Circus says goodbye to wild animals

Twenty years after Tyke the elephant was mowed down in a hail of gunfire after she killed her trainer and went on a rampage following years of confinement and abuse, the Moscow International Circus has pledged not to use any animals in its upcoming performances. Also this year, Mexico City joined Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru in banning circuses that use wild animals. Shamefully, we’re still waiting for the government to deliver on its promise to make these archaic spectacles illegal here in the UK.

India bans the importation of cosmetics tested on animals

Following a ban on cosmetics experiments on animals last year, the Indian government announced a ban on the importation of cosmetics tested on animals elsewhere. This news brings India into line with the European Union and Israel and will spare millions of animals being blinded, poisoned and killed in cruel and useless experiments.

The World Trade Organisation upholds the ban on seal-fur

The Canadian government’s attempt to force the cruel products of its despised commercial seal slaughter onto the unwilling EU public was stopped once and for all when the World Trade Organisation (WTO) rejected its appeal earlier this year. The WTO’s decision is a victory for baby seals, who for years have been bludgeoned to death by the thousands in front of other terrorised seals, and brings us a giant step closer to a day when violence on Canadian ice floes is a thing of the past.

China Southern Airlines stops shipping monkeys to labs

After three years of campaigning by PETA and our international affiliates, China Southern Airlines announced a ban on shipments of primates to laboratories, where they were poisoned, crippled and mutilated in cruel experiments. Air France is now the only major airline still still giving primates a one-way ticket to  experimentation and death.

The 100th Spanish town bans bullfights

Sant Joan in Mallorca joined towns such as Tossa de Mar and the entire region of Catalonia in banning bullfights – a sign of the growing Spanish resistance to this cruel and archaic pastime. Towns are now finding innovative new ways to celebrate traditional festivals without harming animals – in Mataelpino in central Spain, for example, the Running of the Balls was introduced as a humane alternative to the traditional but horrific Running of the Bulls.

US military takes huge step towards ending war on animals

In a groundbreaking victory more than three decades in the making, the US military agreed to replace the use of animals in six different areas of medical training with modern human-patient simulators that better prepare medical personnel to treat injured soldiers and spare animals being cut up and having hard plastic tubes repeatedly forced down their throats, among other invasive and often deadly procedures. Unfortunately, the UK and a handful of other EU countries still shoot and then stitch up live pigs in inhumane exercises.

Chimpanzees living in the worst conditions in Germany are freed

For three decades, Mimi and Dolly were confined to this filthy and mouldy shack. PETA Germany went public about their plight, and more than 21,000 people responded to its call to action. Driven by the public’s outrage, the authorities put pressure on the chimpanzees’ “owner” to relinquish custody of the animals, and within weeks Mimi and Dolly were transferred to a Dutch wildlife sanctuary.

SeaWorld shares tank

Anyone who cares about marine life and wants orcas and dolphins to live free in the oceans with their pods is cheering the year that SeaWorld has had following the release of the BAFTA-nominated documentary Blackfish. Attendance at its parks is down, musicians scheduled to perform have jumped ship and the world’s largest student travel company, STA Travel, pulled SeaWorld promotions from its website.

An orca swimming

Abused elephant Sunder is rescued

Millions of concerned people followed this young elephant’s story with bated breath. Sunder endured years of abuse at the Indian temple where he was held prisoner. Thanks to the determined efforts of PETA India and actions from compassionate supporters around the world, Sunder was finally freed and moved to his new home, a nearly 50-hectare forested elephant-care centre at Bannerghatta Biological Park, where he has been able to explore and make friends with other elephants for the very first time.

What next?

Change doesn’t always come quickly. More than 60 billion cows, chickens, pigs and other animals are killed for their flesh every year around the world; animals of many different species are still being tortured and killed for their skin and fur; millions of animals are used in laboratory experiments; and there are still millions of captive animals languishing in zoos, aquaria and circuses. But as the above 10 victories demonstrate, times and attitudes are changing.


Jag skrev och fick ett svar från EU:s…   Leave a comment


…Miljökommission, angående det här:

Sångfåglarna och ”spindlarnas” lim-pinnar.

Runt Medelhavet dödas många tiotals miljoner flyttfåglar varje år, för/av tradition, (mat), vinst, och främst, ett grymt nöje. Det handlar om en mångmiljonindustri kring dödandet av småfåglar. Bilderna av de fångade och döda småfåglarna får min själ att undra om inte svärdet är mäktigare än pennan…min sorgblandade vrede mot ”jägarna” är i detta fall enorm. Lägre kan inga individer sjunka och ursäkten om ”tradition” har ingen bärighet, inte heller handlar det om mat till svältande (energivinsten är försumbar). Det handlar om ”guld” och om att döda för nöje!”

Svaret från EU gjorde mig fundersam, det tycks ingenting hända (?) och EU hänvisade till ett förslag till avgörande av generaladvokat Leendert A. Geelhoed föredraget den 9 september 2004 (1)(Mål C-79/03. Europeiska gemenskapernas kommission mot Konungariket Spanien).

Det som fick mig att reagera var dateringen; den 9 september 2004. Det har…

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EU grundlurade av Rumänien / EU fooled by Romania   Leave a comment

EU grundlurade av Rumänien / EU fooled by Romania

Den 10 september 2013 antog rumänska parlamentet en lag om massutrotning av landets gatuhundar. Hundarna ska fångas in och avlivas efter 14 dagar. Alla kastreringsprogram enligt TNR (Trap Neuter Release) förbjuds. Hundarna avlivas INTE humant av myndigheterna och de företag som de anlitar.

Denna blogg finns för att underlätta protestmöjligheterna mot denna oerhört grymma hantering av kännande varelser.

 Strays Mayday
 torsdagen den 12:e september 2013

EU grundlurade av Rumänien / EU fooled by Romania

Ett undersökande team från FVO (EU Food and Veterinary Office) besökte Rumänien under 2012 i syfte att landet skulle motivera sitt årliga EU-bidrag för utrotning av rabies. Under 2011 så fanns det ett uppskattat antal av 3.720.000 hundar i Rumänien och av dessa var 3.420.000 registrerade som vaccinerade mot rabies. Med andra ord så undersöktes 3.420.000 rumänska hundarna av veterinärer. Alla som är lite bekanta med situationen i Rumänien förstår att detta betänkande är ett skämt, trots det så blev Europeiska kommissionen nöjda med rapporten.

Läs rapporten här / Read the report here: MRFIN 2012-6392 RomaniaHighlights.pdf

English version:

An audit team of the FVO (EU Food and Veterinary Office) visited Romania in 2012 in order to justify its annual EU grant for Rabies eradication. Romania stated that, in 2011 of an estimated population of 3.72 million dogs there were 3.42 million dogs recorded as vaccinated against Rabies. In other words 3.42 million Romanian dogs saw a vet. Anyone who is a bit familiar with the situation in Romania knows this report is a joke, nevertheless it satisfied the European Commission.

kl. 09:59 

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Namninsamling STOP VIVSECTION   Leave a comment


Det finns en namninsamling som riktar sig till alla EU-medborgare med ett förslag om att avskaffa försöksdjur och att ställa krav på Europeiska Unionen att ansvarsfullt beakta ett annat vetenskapligt förhållningssätt, för att säkerställa skyddet av både människors och djurs rättigheter.

Namninsamlingen finns tillgänglig på alla dessa språk: български   čeština   Dansk   Deutsch   eesti   Ελληνικά   English   español   Français   Gaeilge   italiano   Latviešu   lietuvių   magyar   Malti   Nederlands   polski   português   română   slovenčina   slovenščina   suomi   svenska 

För att få stödja ett medborgarinitiativ måste du vara medborgare i ett EU-land och ha uppnått rösträttsålder för Europaparlamentsval (18 år utom i Österrike, där åldersgränsen är 16 år).

Läs gärna mer på

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