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Minnesota wolf fur farm opening new location in Deadwood, South Dakota   Leave a comment

Wolf Patrol

Our friends at Minnehaha Wolf Patrol ( are working hard to stop a new wolf fur farm in South Dakota. Please support and share!

5559229e8abf1.image Photo from Rapid City Journal

Fur-Ever Wild, a wolf fur farm owned by Terri Petter located in Lakeville, Minnesota is attempting to open a petting zoo in Deadwood, South Dakota but has met opposition due to concerns over mistreatment of animals and the belief her zoo is nothing but a front for her fur farm.

According to a deposition unrelated to the opening of the petting zoo, Petter has admitted to breeding captive wolves in addition to other animals and killing them for their fur. The deposition is available to the public and excerpts have been posted online here.

Terri Petter is currently facing a lawsuit filed by her neighbors in Eureka Township over safety and health concerns.

Shari Kosel, Co-founder and Chair of…

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A Richly Deserved PEN Literary Award for War of the Whales   Leave a comment

Emilio Cogliani

Congratulations to Joshua Horwitz, author of War of the Whales: A True Story – winner of the 2015 PEN Literary Award for Science Writing (PEN/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award). His selection, announced today, confirms the consensus of so many readers and critics that War of the Whales is an exceptional achievement in non-fiction story-telling. This prestigious prize is the latest critical acclaim that War of the Whales has received – and it is certain to widen still further the audience that the book has already achieved.


The product of intensive research and compelling writing by Horwitz over a period of seven years, War of the Whales tells the story of NRDC’s 20-year legal battle, alongside marine biologist Ken Balcomb, to discover and rein in the classified program for development of high intensity military sonar systems used by the Navy in the detection of enemy submarines. Although the…

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Eldad Hagar [Hope for Paws] rescues a scared homeless pit bull hiding deep in a trash heap. Please share.   Leave a comment

Sherlockian's Blog

Please share the video and help find a forever home for Thor.

Please visit Eldad Hagar’s web site, Hope for Paws and if possible, make a donation to support his life saving work.

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Oppose Anti Wolf legislation #Tweetstorm Tuesday May 12   Leave a comment

Wolves of Douglas County WI Films

#TWEETSTORM Tuesday May 12 @Congress #KeepWolvesListed poster design by Britt Ricci

Tuesday May 12 #TWEETSTORM Event- original tweet (this will be my Tweet) @SenatorBaldwin @SenRonJohnson @RepRonKind oppose anti-wolf Legislation HR843 / HR884 #KeepWolvesListed

America’s wolves are under attack.

Big money, big hunt clubs are on the move to pressure congress to delist wolves nationwide and they don’t want that subject to judicial review. And this type of anti wolf legislation will allow states to manage wolves with reckless trophy hunts and this will put wolves at risk…a species at the brink of extinction.

There’s now a third anti wolf bill being prepared in congress.

Let’s make it very clear to Washington D.C. keep the dirty politics out of the Endangered Species Act. Our rare and endangered wildlife are not a bargaining chip for big money! #KeepWolvesListed join the #TWEETSTORM @ your US senator and @ your US House of Representative

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Your Handy Guide to Attacks on How the Endangered Species Act Uses Science By Michael Halpern    Leave a comment

Wolves of Douglas County WI Films

Why is the Endangered Species Actsuccessful? Because it is grounded in reliance on the best available science. So let’s look at the different ways that Congress wants to take science out of the equation:

Allow politics to determine whichspecies are deserving of protection.The law is designed to be resilient to politics: science, and science alone, is supposed to determine what species make it on the list. Then other factors can be considered when a plan is put together to conserve a species. But anew bill in the Housewould require economic considerations to be taken into account in listing decisions.

Reduce agency effectiveness by requiringmore study with fewer resources.Given federal budget woes, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) can’t even keep up with its current mandate—scores of speciesare considered

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Seal Hunt 2015   Leave a comment


Alexandra´s Animal Awareness Blog

Many of you have probably signed petitions or campaigned against the slaughter of the seals this year. Sadly, this gruesome “tradition” of murdering the youngest seals for their beautiful coats is still being done.

The Humane Society of the United States has given this update:

“This year’s hunt started slowly, with only one quarter as many boats as last year setting out for the ice floes. Unfortunately, within a few days the hunt began, and we began recording.

Although 27,000 seals have been killed so far this year, 42,000 were killed in the same time frame last year — and 77,000 in as many days in 2013. The sealers know that the images we document are shutting their industry down. Often, they simply stop hunting when they see us — our presence saves lives.

This year, the Canadian Sealers Association announced that they are scaling back their sealing operations because…

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Tal Danino: We can use bacteria to detect cancer (and maybe treat it)   Leave a comment

Possible break-through in liver cancer research…

Emilio Cogliani

Liver cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to detect, but synthetic biologist Tal Danino had a left-field thought: What if we could create a probiotic, edible bacteria that was “programmed” to find liver tumors? His insight exploits something we’re just beginning to understand about bacteria: their power of quorum sensing, or doing something together once they reach critical mass. Danino, a TED Fellow, explains how quorum sensing works — and how clever bacteria working together could someday change cancer treatment.

from TEDTalks (hd)

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