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Dutch court rules in favor of unblocking Pirate Bay as ban ‘ineffective’   Leave a comment

Good news!! Thanks for the update Shaun, appreciate it since I’ve been using Piratebay myself for many years. 😉

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H7N9 flu makes a comeback, China is the epicentre   Leave a comment

The rate at which the virus mutates and generates new strands of this virus is frightening and it seems scientists are a few generations behind trying to keep up with effective vaccines, so the risk of a pandemic is a fact we cannot ignore.

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You know how people from NJ are generally known for being assholes? Welp, Our Humane Society People Stepped into Rid of a Few Of em this week….   Leave a comment

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Zimbabwe Gov’t Bans Major Conservation NGO Access To Their National Parks   Leave a comment

Will Zimbabwe’s wildlife ever recover from this mass-murder?

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

via ‘Bigwigs involved in cyanide poisoning’ – DailyNews Live by Bridget Mananavire 29 OCTOBER 2013

A wildlife conservation organisation kicked out of Hwange National Park has alleged that government bigwigs were involved in the cyanide poisoning of wildlife.

More than 100 elephants have died of cyanide poisoning at Hwange National Park in one of the worst poaching atrocities in Zimbabwe.

John Rodrigues, the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force (ZCTF) chairperson, said it was shocking that his organisation that had invested more than $1,5 million dollars on conservation of wildlife was now an enemy and denied access to Hwange and other national parks.

“They are afraid we will tell people the truth about the poaching situation and how the elephants were killed,” Rodrigues said, without mentioning names.

“There is a cover-up going on there at Hwange, and bigwigs are involved.

“We have helped in the conservation of wildlife and used more than…

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Plan To Save Blackbucks And Turtles In India   Leave a comment

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

BHUBANESWAR:  Odisha government has sanctioned Rs 2.25 crore for conservation of  blackbucks and freshwater  turtles under a state plan scheme of  wildlife conservation and protection. The wildlife wing will implement it, said sources.
“The conservation of blackbucks would include securing their habitat. Mainly, we want to keep their population intact by checking poaching. For this, we will take several measures such as engaging more manpower for vigil,” said a senior forest official.
Official sources said blackbucks are seen mostly in the Balukhand-Konark coastal plain in Puri district and Balipadar-Bhetnoi and other nearby areas in Ganjam district. At present, their population is about 2,300 in the state.
According to forest officials, in 2012-13, at least seven blackbucks had died in Aska region of Ganjam district. Official report said some died due to infighting and some fell prey to poachers.
“The backbuck population has increased since 2011 despite stray casualties. Going…

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Archelon’s (Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece) rescue centre   Leave a comment

Reblogged from Videos4volunteers:

is about to celebrate its 20th year in existence. Due to Archelon’s work, many injured turtles have been returned to the wild and the main nesting areas of this endangered species are closely monitored. Sadly however, still over 500 sea turtles die in Greece each year despite the significant work of the volunteers.

Documentary about Archelons’ Rescue Centre from Videos4Volunteers.

Through its stranding network Archelon is able to provide medical care to injured turtles found anywhere in Greece. This network also provides vital information about sea turtle fatalities which help the organization understand the key threats to sea turtles. Life at the rescue centre is always very dynamic with something new happening every day. The winter is particularly hard as sea turtles need warm waters to help the medicines work and the volunteers also suffer the same cold temperatures in their converted railway carriage shelter.

This is a fascinating story with amazing people and heart breaking events for sure along the way. We know that these days the best way to tell a story is through video and social media and we are making this documentary so that everybody can see first hand what life is like on the cutting edge of environmental conservation. We are not a film company, we are just a bunch of volunteers who want to help and in turn we are going to be asking for your help to. The final film will be used by Archelon to promote their work but will also be available for free to whoever wants to use it. As far as we are concerned the more people that learn about the plight of the sea turtles the better. Please sign up now to follow us and find out how you can really help..

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Two quick and easy ways to kick SeaWorld while it’s down   Leave a comment

Our Compass

Since the release of the film Blackfish, it seems like most people these days can’t think about SeaWorld without also thinking about the sad lives of the lonely animals it imprisons.

Did you know that in the wild, orcas swim up to 100 miles a day? At SeaWorld, they live in tiny tanks with hardly any room to swim around, which causes them to be stressed, bored, and depressed, like this one is:

Repetitive, harmful behavior is pretty common at SeaWorld, too, like what this orca, who banged his head on a landing platform, did to himself:

The constant stress of confinement causes unusual behavior that likely wouldn’t happen to orcas in the wild, like vomiting. 😦

Aren’t you tired of seeing SeaWorld get away with using and abusing orcas and other marine animals for “entertainment”?

You can help put an end to SeaWorld’s cruelty right now by completing…

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Nätverket: ”Rödluvan & Mormor”.   Leave a comment



Rödluvan & Mormor, är några kvinnors nätverk mot varg i landsbygd och de påstår att vargfrågan undergrävt deras tro på demokratin. Argumentationen är häpnadsväckande låg och okunnig. Orden att ”Tjänstemän sätter sig över de folkvaldas beslut” är den klassiska argumentationen att demokratin undergrävs om lagen går före okunniga politikers beslut som ofta grundar sig på ”gnälliga” särintressen, rädda och högljudda nätverk och smarta lobbyister.

Detta ”nätverk” (Rödluvan & Mormor) använder samma dåligt underbyggda argumentation som Jägareförbundets herr Sprängare. För en tid sedan skrev DN:s ledarskribent Hanne Kjöller en krönika där hon kraftfullt ifrågasatte Jägareförbundets ordförande Björn Sprängare.

Sprängare hade skarpt kritiserat Förvaltningsrättens dom mot vinterns urvalsjakt och menat att den är inte värdigt ett rättssamhälle. Kjöller var mycket tydlig med att man hade “kunnat förvänta sig lite mer respekt för den lagstiftande församlingen och domstolarnas självständighet” av en person som Sprängare.

Björn Sprängares…

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Speak For Wolves: Yellowstone 2014   Leave a comment

Howling For Justice

Speak for wolves Yellowstone 2014

Roosevelt Arch – North Entrance Yellowstone National Park (Gardiner, Mt)

Speak for Wolves: Yellowstone 2014 is essentially about hope. It’s an opportunity for the American people to unite and demand wildlife management reform and restore our national heritage. On June 28-29, 2014, thousands of Americans will meet in Arch Park in Gardiner, Montana to hear why we need to reform wildlife management, at both the state and federal level, and how we can do it.

There are five main principles behind reforming wildlife management:

1. No killing of predators–period. The best available science suggest that predators, including wolves, are a self-regulating species. In other words, predators don’t overpopulate; instead their populations naturally fluctuate, as do prey or ungulate populations. “Managing” predators is code word for killing them, and it is not necessary, and no longer to be tolerated. Non-lethal measures can be effective in rare instances where there are actual…

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Victory For Idaho Wolves!   2 comments

Exposing the Big Game

Earthjustice went to court to stop Idaho from exterminating the Golden and Monumental wolf packs in central Idaho’s Frank Church—River of No Return Wilderness.
And we won! The Idaho Department of Fish and Game announced that it is halting its wolf extermination program as of today.
This will stop the wolf killings and restore the natural balance between predator and prey in the Idaho wilderness area.
A howling wolf in the snow. (Judilen / istockphoto)

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