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Save The Wolves -The Petition Site- Save SUSI   5 comments

-Please! Let us together reach 7,500 signatures!



very important for the Swedish wolf population, might soon,
once again be threatened by death!!
Her life has been threatened several times before, but we´ve somehow managed to save her, every time!
Let´s do it again!!!

be no hunt for Susi. But now the Sami might some time soon appeal that decision and Susi is once again in danger.
Help us save Susi and the Swedish wolf population!!!


Thanksgiving Celebration—Eat Lots, Drink Lots, Respect Little, Care Less   Leave a comment

We don”t celebrate Thanksgving is Sweden, unless one spuse or the other brought the custom to Sweden. (People could of care less, just wanted to mention it as a f.y.i)

Exposing the Big Game

It’s a special morning of a special day, but out in migratory bird habitat there’s a massacre going on. Though nearly every family across the country has a turkey thawing out in preparation for a gluttonous banquet a little later in the day,

recreational meat-pursuers are ringing in the season by blasting away into flocks of wintering geese to make up for the fact that their sacrificial bird-of-the-day came from a grocery store.

Never mind that the poor being was raised in a windowless barn, crowded-in with so many other turkeys that their wings wither away to virtual stumps of appendages, their natural coloration was bred out of them anyway.

Can’t afford your own tormented Thanksgiving turkey this year? Not to worry, chances are some abattoir has donated hundredsDSC_0277 of frozen carcasses to your local food bank, in hopes of promoting their own animal industry. Here on the coast, turkeys were donated…

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Love me, love my dog……New twist on an old belief   1 comment

Loved it!!

The Science Dog

Everyone is familiar with that old saw about dogs looking like their owners……certainly, there are plenty of photos in this genre floating around the internet………

Look like 3  Look Like 2 dogs-and-their-owners06

However, appearances aside, this common belief leads one to ask  – Do dogs often behave similarly to their owners? Or more precisely, do dogs and their owners share personality traits? Recently, a group of collaborating scientists from Eotvos University’s Family Dog Project in Hungary and from the “Clever Dog Lab” in Vienna, Austria asked exactly this question (1).


Background information: Studies of human relationships provide quite a bit of scientific support for a hypothesis entitled the “similarity-attraction hypothesis“. Rather than the “opposites attract” theory that prevails on TV sit-coms and in romance novels, it seems that friends and romantic partners who share personality traits, communication patterns, and yes, even degree of attractiveness have reduced conflict and disagreements and are generally happier in their relationships than are folks who tend to…

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Straydogs in Hungary: Mother & Child   Leave a comment

Oh, I soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wish I could rescue them both!!!! The photo just breaks my heart,,,,

JÖN A HIDEG!<br /><br />
ŐK IS FÁZNAK!<br /><br />
Margit S. László küldte Márki Ildikó fényképét Facebook-on!

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VICTORY! Anti-Hunters Petition; Melissa Bachman Cut from National Geographic Show   Leave a comment


Editor’s Note: With the exception of the pictures, this article is taken straight from Peterson’s Hunting because its just pleasurable to see the hunters whine about this “loss.” You can read comments at the end as well. I say have fun mocking the hunters today!

Source: Peterson’s Hunting Website

If you’re a fan of The National Geographic Channel on Twitter you likely saw this message yesterday at 2:47 PM:

Fans, The National Geographic Channel has carefully considered the public discussion of our series on surviving the wilds of Alaska currently in production and premiering sometime next year. Upon further reflection we plan to eliminate one of the survivalists from the ensemble cast, Melissa Bachman. Hunting is not the focus of the show, and we regret the misinformation that has clouded what we hope will be an exciting adventure series set in the incredible Alaskan landscape.

What could drive Nat Geo to make…

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Thank You   Leave a comment

Your blog is read and followed all across the world. We all want to know the plight of the rhinos, large or small. From you and your your husband – a great big THANKS!!

Fight for Rhinos

As this time of the year draws near, it is a time to come together and celebrate. “Merry” this, “Happy” that, presents, food, family. But it’s not really that easy.

Admittedly I am a bit of a grinch. I find it hard to celebrate when people are struggling, animals are in pain, and there’s no easy solution to any of it.

Yet, putting things in perspective I suppose maybe it’s just about gratitude; recognizing what you have, and what you’re thankful for. In that light, these are the things I couldn’t do without:

1) My husband (who rubs my feet, is a fabulous cook, and helps with technical difficulties)

2)My friends, especially my ‘animal friends’, who understand how much animals mean to me and know why I need to save “just one more”.

3)My mom (for taking me along to Kenya-my dream destination, and for being my mom of course)

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By sumofus: Thanks for taking action against land grabs!   Leave a comment

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Hong Kong Is Sitting On 30 Tons Of Ivory and Has No Plans to Destroy It   Leave a comment

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World’s Most Irreplaceable Protected Areas Identified   Leave a comment

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Head-Butting Elk Featured in Viral Video Put Down   Leave a comment

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