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The Endangered Species Act was written into law in 1973. Since then it has successfully protected 99% of the species that fall into the “endangered” and “threatened” categories of the law. For this article in particular we will be focusing on the different species of wolves that are protected by this law.

Prior to the wolf being added to the Endangered Species list they were hunted to near extinction in North America and Mexico. Currently in America there are around 9,000 wolves populating the country, thanks in great part to the protections afforded them against hunters and poachers. However there is a current push on the State and National levels to reverse or otherwise dismantle the law protecting not only wolves but 2,179 other species of animals that face possible extinction within North America due to human activity.

Over the past couple of years some states such as Idaho, Montana…

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26 scientists are urging the western Great Lakes population of gray wolves be removed from protections of the Endangered Species Act   Leave a comment

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With a heavy heart and incredible disappointment, I chose this image to share with you today. The image contains a quote from one of the scientists betraying our wolves by urging the western Great Lakes population of gray wolves be removed from protections of the Endangered Species Act.
26 scientists, including Dave Mech of the University of Minnesota and Adrian Wydeven of the Timber Wolf Alliance, argue the species has successfully recovered in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin and should be delisted.
“It is in the best interests of gray wolf conservation and for the integrity of the Endangered Species Act for wolves to be delisted in the western Great Lakes states where biological recovery has occurred and where adequate regulatory mechanisms are in place to manage the species,” wrote the scientists in a letter delivered Wednesday to Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Department of Interior, and Dan Ashe, director of…

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First winter snow at International Wolf Center   Leave a comment

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This video from Minnesota in the USA says about itself:

International Wolf Center – First Snow of Winter – 20 November 2015

The International Wolf Center advances the survival of wolf populations by teaching about wolves, their relationship to wildlands and the human role in their future.

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Conflicts between wolves, hunting dogs in Michigan decline in 2015   Leave a comment

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gray_wolf_canis_lupus Hollingsworth John and Karen, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Gray wolves in Michigan attacked fewer hunting dogs in 2015. Photo: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Wikimedia Commons.

By Howard Meyerson

Grand Rapids, Mich. – Michigan’s 2015 bear hunting season ended in October with fewer incidents than last year of hunting dogs being attacked by wolves. Only three attacks were reported to the state, down from 17 in the 2014 season, state wildlife officials said.

“It’s tough to speculate about why,” said Kevin Swanson, wolf and bear specialist for the Michigan DNR. “Livestock depredation reports are down too. We had 23 of those last year and only 11 so far this year. It’s possible that wolf numbers have declined, but we don’t know that and plan to do a wolf survey this winter.”

Michigan’s wolf population was last tallied in 2014. The DNR survey showed a minimum of 636 wolves in the Upper Peninsula. There were approximately 125 wolf packs…

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Commentary by Wildlife Defence League: Government Stoops to New Low in BC Wolf Cull   2 comments

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SourceWildlife Defence League

November 19, 2015Government Stoops to New Low in BC Wolf Cull

Commentary by Wildlife Defence League

Shocking new information has revealed that Liberal government contractors intend to follow wolves to their dens to slaughter entire packs, including pups. ‘Judas’ wolves, as they have come to be known, will be collared and traced to the pack’s location, making it that much easier to destroy them throughout the South Peace and South Selkirk.
Last year, the Liberal government ordered the killing of 84 wolves in the South Selkirk and South Peace Region to allow for the recovery of dwindling caribou herds. Despite the Liberal’s claim that wolves were to blame for loss of caribou, independent science points towards industrial expansion as the true reason for the decline. Recently, a Freedom of Information Request obtained by the Wilderness Committee outlines the timber industries attempt to avoid putting restrictions on…

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Wolves may be recovered enough to delist but are individual states prepared to protect them?    Leave a comment

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Wild wolf howling in the Canadian Rockies Copyright : John E Marriott
Point counter point:

The newest debate on the fate of America’s wolves comes in the form of a letter…”The 18 November (2015) letter, sent to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and Dan Ashe, director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), is intended to support the federal government’s position that wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan are fully recovered and that states should now manage the species.”Science Insider

The letter from 26 scientists states that wolves have recovered enough in the Great Lakes region and do not need protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Recovery of wolves has made great strides over the last 4 decades in the region with a population of over 3,700 wolves.

That is until 2011 when wolves were officially delisted in the Great Lakes and states like Wisconsin rushed to enact emergncy…

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What’s Missing In This Picture?   2 comments

Wolf is my Soul:

I am for re-introducing the wolf as a predator in Scotland and the rest of Great Britain as well. I am convinced there has to be a common middle ground where both pro and anti wolf groups can meet. Reblogged at Wolf Is My Soul

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Quaint, rural Scotland. But something's missing... Quaint, rural Scotland. But something’s missing. Want to know why?

I grew up cutting about in the woods and along the shoreline of the west coast of Scotland. It was magical – so easy to escape to wonder & fantasy of another world, away from the concrete & structure of ‘real life’. In those woods I would encounter mysterious beasties & monsters, and back in Nottinghamshire I would be regaled with tales of Robin Hood & Sherwood Forest. Now, if I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Britain, but back when it was all wild forest & woodland.

Now I’m an Ecologist I’ve learned that it’s not just fantastical romanticism, but there are actually many practical reasons for wanting to return to a wilder Britain. And I’m not the only one who feels like this. The concept of ‘re-wilding‘ parts of Britain –…

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