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Fast Fact Attack: Endangered Species No. 41 – The Hainan Gibbon   Leave a comment

Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

The Hainan gibbon is one of the rarest monkeys in the world, possibly on the brink of extinction.  There are only twenty-six left in existence;  including three babies born this year.  And, all of these are all living within the confines of the Bawangling National Nature Reserve on the tropical island of Hainan in the South China Sea.

These delightful apes are sexually dimorphic.  Mature males are almost totally black, with occasional pale cheeks, and mature females are a pale golden colour with odd dark patches on the body and a black crest on the head.  Both have long arms and legs and no tail.

They swing through the trees using a movement known as brachiation;  something gibbons seem far more skilled at than any other species.  They swing hand over hand, carrying their long, slender bodies forward.  With their powerful muscles and supple joints, they do the job…

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Dog eaten alive by worms in Bosnian dog ‘shelter’   2 comments


531970_10202233846710391_1820098175_nUPDATE: 21 OCTOBER sadly Donna lost the fight. R.I.P. beautiful girl. Your last days were full of warmth and love. I’m so sorry we did not find you sooner.

If you have been reading this blog recently you will know that Jelena Paunović and animal activists are visiting and documenting the horrific conditions in the so-called ‘shelters’ of Bosnia-Herzegovina in order bring a report to parliament. They barely have funds to pay for petrol to visit these shelters, but it’s impossible for them to ignore the plight of these dogs and not try to save them.

The dog above was found in Doboj shelter, lying in her own excrement, in the filth that is the ground all the dogs there must live in. She is just a bag of bones and she is unable to walk or stand.

When activists inspected her closely, they saw her immobile hindquarters being eaten…

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Near sellout: Licenses for Michigan’s first wolf hunt move briskly on first day of sale   Leave a comment

Exposing the Big Game

Wolf photo.jpg
                    Once endangered, Michigan has an estimated 658 gray wolves. A Nov. 15 hunt in the Upper Peninsula will target 43 wolves total in three separate areas. Critics say it is unnecessary.
(photo Scott Flaherty/National Park Service)
By John Barnes on September 28, 2013 

Licenses for Michigan’s first managed wolf hunt sold briskly today, with 900 of the 1,200 available snatched up in 30 minutes.

As of 5 p.m. Saturday, only about 100 of the 1,200 licenses were still available, said Ed Golder, public information officer for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Licenses cost $100 for residents, $500 for non-residents.

“It went excellently,” said Golder of the first-come first-served sale that began at noon. The effort had been delayed to ensure proper procedures were in place to handle high demand online and at 1,400 retail outlets.

Even if there is a sellout, he urged hunters to check back as…

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Wisconsin on record pace for number of bear-hunting dogs killed this year   Leave a comment

Exposing the Big Game

There’s a-near crisis situation going on in the cheese and crackers state, Wisconsin. It seems their hound hunters are losing dogs to wolves. Too bad for the dogs, but then again the only time they’re allowed out of their pen is to chase down and tree black bears so their “masters” can stumble up and shoot the terrified ursine.

Apparently the taxpayers are expected to foot the bill if a one of the hound hunters’ frantic dogs has a lethal run-in with a wolf. As the article below informs us, the Wisconsin Department of Natural “Resources” has a compensation program wherein hounders are paid $250.000 for their losses, if they choose to take up the barbaric sport. Of course, “it is possible, however, that because of the potential for compensation a hunter might be more likely to

put a dog at risk.”

According to Wisconsin newspapers:

This has been a deadly year for bear-hunting hounds.

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Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t   Leave a comment

Fight for Rhinos

To trade or not to trade?  Always a hotbed of debate concerning rhino poaching

But since South Africa is entertaining the idea of a “one-off” sale to sell the current stockpiles of horn, things have taken a dismal turn indeed.

Here are the scenarios: #1) Trade IS allowed as a one-time only option– wetting the appetite of the Asian market, like throwing a chicken into a hungry hoard of crocodiles. This will undoubtedly  send poaching rates soaring.

#2) Trade is allowed on a regular basis but cannot be monitored enough to stop poaching, and with the number of rhinos currently surviving, there are not nearly enough of them to keep up with the monstrous demand.

#3) Trade is Not allowed.  In order to make up for lack of profit, will the “farmers” sell their rhinos off  to trophy hunters? Will they be sold off to the highest bidder (who…

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Mexican gray wolf: Where the wild things aren’t   2 comments

Exposing the Big Game

by Jamie Rappaport Clark Special to the Arizona Daily Star

When I was the director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, I was fortunate enough to take part in the release of 11 Mexican gray wolves into Arizona’s Apache National Forest in 19XX. I will never forget the light in their eyes as we released the lobos from the confines of their crates, destined for a new life in the wilderness where they belong. This came after we had worked hard to restore wolves to the Yellowstone region just a few years before.

Back then, our hopes were certainly high for these icons of American wilderness.

Recently, however, the thrill of seeing gray wolves returning to the Southwest and across the country has been tainted by the fact that the Fish and Wildlife has announced its intention to abandon wolf restoration before the job is done. Wolves are still not…

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Ban free-to-good-home ads on Craigslist   1 comment

Our Compass


Craigslist Pets and “Puppy Doe”
By Jim Buckmaster

We were saddened and horrified to learn of the pain and suffering inflicted on “Puppy Doe” (Kiya) in Massachusetts.

Based on news coverage, the last owner via craigslist is not a suspect, but we are ready (as always) to assist law enforcement if needed.

Meanwhile a  petition wants to ban tens of millions of CL users from rehoming pets, dooming countless healthy animals to needless euthanization (no-kill shelters are full).

It misleadingly blames CL for Kiya’s fate, and for the Jeffrey Nally case, where police made clear all victims were found via newspaper ads:

“[Chief Deputy] Murray said Nally gathered dogs by responding to newspaper ads.” ”[Nally’s girlfriend] told police Nally had her call people who advertised puppies and kittens in the ‘Bargain Hunter’”

morningjournalnews ] [ weirtondailytimes ] (warning, graphic!)

But direct rehoming via classifieds is…

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Sustainable Sunday’s: The Center for Biological Diversity   Leave a comment

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Awesome Blog Content Award   7 comments

Awesome Blog Content Award


Dear Kitty. Some blog has graciously recommended me for the Awesome Blog Content Award. Thank you so much!!

The rules of the Awesome Blog Content Award are:

Add the ABC logo to your new blog post.
Write one word or a phrase about yourself that begins with A, B, C – Z.
Nominate some blogs.
Leave a comment on those blogs to let them know!!

Here is my personal list from A to Z:

A.  Animal welfare

B.  Books

C.  My first name – Carina

D.  Daniel – my son

E.  Environment

F.  Fur is Murder

G.  Grandmother

H.  Horses

I.  Ideology

J.  Justice

K.  Knowledge

L.  Love Leon – my grandson

M.  Mother

N.  Niklas & Natazha – my son and daughter

O.  Observer

P.  Peace

Q.  Questioning

R.  Rikard – my partner

S.  Sweden – where I live

T.  Trust

U.  Unbound

V.  Viral

W.  Worldwide

X.  Xylophone

Y.  Youthful

Z.  Zealous

My nominations go to:

White Wolf Moon

Save Our Wolves

Howling For Justice

Exposing the Big Game

Dear Kitty. Some blog

Our Compass

Animals Deserve to Live

Family Survival Protocol – Microcosm News

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Ilegal wolf killed North Cascades   Leave a comment

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