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December 11: A Michigan based group, Great Lakes Wolf Patrol announced today that it was offering a $1,500.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who illegally kills a wolf in Michigan, Wisconsin or Minnesota. The announcement comes in response to recent wolf killings in the Upper Peninsula and an upsurge in Facebook sites that promote illegal wolf killing, such as “Wisconsin Wolf Hunt & Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” whose public comment logs encourage readers to “SSS” (Shoot, shovel and shut-up) and kill wolves out of season.

Organization members will be circulating reward posters in the areas where two dead wolves were recently found near Newberry and the the town of Gulliver with the hope that the cash reward will provide an incentive for residents to come forward. “We want to assist Michigan and other states’ conservation officers in their investigations of illegal wolf killing.” said Rod Coronado, the group’s founder.

Great Lakes Wolf Patrol was founded this year to document and investigate the recreational hunting of gray wolves in Montana and Wisconsin. The group monitor’s hunters and trappers during each state’s wolf hunting seasons and worked with Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources this Fall to investigate illegal wolf trapping during the October hunt. Last week, Wolf Patrol members documented this nation’s only hound hunt for wolves in northern Wisconsin.

Video footage of their monitoring projects is available online at: wolf and Facebook:
Wolf Patrol.

Information leading to the arrest and conviction of poachers responsible for killing wolves in Mackinac and Schoolcraft Counties.

On 11/26/14, a wolf that had been shot, was dumped near the Mackinac-Luce County line, southwest of the town of Newberry. In a separate incident, a radio-collared wolf that was part of a wildlife study was killed, and its collar disposed of, near Gulliver in Doyle Township.

A reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of the subject or subjects involved. Anyone with any possible information on these cases is asked to call the Report All Poaching Hotline at 800-292-7800, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or to contact their local DNR office or conservation officer. Information may be left anonymously. Callers may remain anonymous and still be eligible to receive a reward.

Contacts: Debbie Munson Badini, 906-226-1352 or Lt. Skip Hagy, 906-293-5131, ext. 4100, MI DNR

*$1,500 REWARD*
*In addition to any reward offered through the Michigan DNR reward program. Great Lakes Wolf Patrol will pay $1,500 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of anyone who illegal kills a wolf in the state of Michigan.



Friends of the Wolf,
My name is Rod Coronado and I’ve organized the only citizen monitoring project in the nation, whose aim is to document and lobby to end the recreational hunting of gray wolves in the Great Lakes region. We are a 100% volunteer group comprised of citizens from all walks of life, who are united in our opposition to the state management of wolves.

Our goal this Fall is to document the Wisconsin wolf hunt, which begins on October 15th. We will be present in the field with not only our own documentation crew, but two independent video journalists as well who are working on international news stories. We also support the indigenous nations of the Great Lakes, who are united in their opposition to the wolf hunt.

With your support, we will repeat what we were able to achieve in Montana this September, where we generated national media attention on the recreational killing of wolves outside of Yellowstone National Park (see Yellowstone Wolf Patrol, or our website/Facebook sites: and Wolf Patrol) Our aim is to create a citizen-led movement dedicated to monitoring public activities on our public lands. We do not believe that wolf recovery has been achieved, and are greatly concerned that state management of wolves is dangerously reducing wolf populations to levels that could once again, threaten their viable existence in their traditional territory in the lower 48 states.

We need funds to pay primarily for our transportation costs and food to maintain an encampment in Wisconsin’s wolf hunt zones, where we will remain as long as our support can be maintained. Please consider joining our campaign by supporting this project so the wolves of the Great Lakes will have physical representation for the duration of the 2014-15 wolf hunting season.


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UPDATE: Man arrested in connection with Green Lake poaching case   2 comments

From:  Ripon Press

Cody T. Johnston

Cody T. Johnston

UPDATE (posted Tuesday morning):

A Green Lake teenager has been arrested amid suspicions about a series of whitetail deer “thrill killings” in recent days.

Cody T. Johnston, 18, N5644 Hickory Hill Lane, Green Lake, was arrested this past weekend and had his initial appearance in court Monday, Dec. 1.

Police apprehended him after midnight Sunday, Nov. 30 following an alleged high-speed vehicle chase in rural Green Lake. He’s charged with attempting to flee police, obstructing officers and criminal damage to property.

Meanwhile, DNR violations could be forthcoming regarding the alleged deer poaching. Police are seeking two other males, who could face charges/violations as well.

The alleged shootings have taken place in rural Green Lake in the towns of Brooklyn and St. Marie, with at least 10 deer poached, the DNR said.

Johnston has been released on a $500 signature bond … Continue reading the full story in the Dec. 4 issue of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

Whitetail deer

Whitetail deer

ORIGINAL STORY (posted Monday evening):

The Wisconsin DNR and the Green Lake County Sheriff’s Department are asking the public to assist with a wildlife “thrill killing” case.

On Saturday, Nov. 29, DNR Conservation Warden Nate Ackerman received complaints of gunshots heard overnight, northwest of Green Lake. Green Lake County sheriff’s deputies working with Ackerman located seven dead whitetail deer in various locations within a three-mile area in the towns of Brooklyn and St. Marie.

At one site, a buck, an adult doe and a doe fawn were all found in the same field.

All the deer were shot and left with no obvious attempt to recover them.

Saturday evening, DNR conservation wardens working in the area overheard numerous gunshots. A short time later, a Green Lake Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to stop a suspect vehicle. A pursuit ensued during which the suspect crashed his vehicle. The adult male driver, who was not injured, was taken into custody.

Investigators believe that more deer were illegally killed and that more individuals are involved. Ackerman commended Green Lake deputies for rapidly responding and quickly locating suspects.

The warden said the wildlife shootings under investigation bear no resemblance to hunting.

“During the annual nine-day gun deer season, more than 600,000 licensed hunters take to the woods to enjoy Wisconsin’s great outdoors and the fine traditions surrounding the annual deer hunt,” Ackerman said. “These hunters are ethical and work hard to legally harvest a deer. This appears to be a case of wastefully killing wildlife without reason, an act which is abhorrent to real hunters.”

Investigators request that anyone with information related to this investigation contact warden Nate Ackerman at 920-369-6028 or the Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office at 920-294-4000. Another option is to call the confidential DNR tip line at 800-TIP-WDNR or 800-847-9367.



Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Article comment by: DAVE HOOD

If anyone cares to see the carnage this clown caused killing deer. Just drive down Princeton Road in Green Lake, and look at the deer that were pulled to the side of the road and if you look closely into some of the corn fields you will see more dead deer. Not only did this clown kill deer and destroy our wildlife he also placed people’s lives at risk with his careless actions. One of the deer he shot was 30 yards from our home and between a number of other homes located behind the deer he shot. One of the reasons my wife and I purchased our home in July in the country is to be around wildlife and enjoys nature and we are very fortunate to be able to see deer up close due to the are area we live and the deer coming into our bird feeders. The deer Mr. Johnston shot and killed was a fawn who we’ve seen in our feeders since its mother was hit by a car. Not only did Mr. Johnston’s action take Wisconsin’s wildlife he also took away our safety and peace of mind. This clown drove around at night shooting out of his car from the road killing deer in complete darkness with no regard for safety or the life of our wildlife. To me his actions are not just about killing deer, but the manner in which he did it. Thank God his actions didn’t take anyone’s life.

Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wolf biologists recommend suspension of Wisconsin wolf hunt   1 comment

From Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wolf biologists recommend suspension of Wisconsin wolf hunt

October 05, 2014 6:15 am  • 

“The range of possible (wolf) mortality rates (may be) as high as 35–55 percent, or 7–27 percent higher than reported by the state.” — wolf biologists’ letter to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

When nature organized this country, 2 million wolves graced the United States. Now state agencies man-handle nature as a game preserve for the 6 percent who kill. Less than 5,000 (0.025 percent of 2 million) wolves survive, under assault, about half of them in Minnesota. Red wolves are near extinction.

Wolves were the first endangered key predator species to be delisted legislatively, for a political agenda, not for scientific recovery. It was a gross violation of the Endangered Species Act. Sen. Jon Tester of Montana, a rancher, wanted wolves for his constituency to kill, and the Democrats wanted to keep his seat and the Senate — so the ESA was violated, as were the wolves and our heritage.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is mandated to report under the ESA for a five-year period, after delisting wolves, using the best available science.

Recently, Adrian Treves, Ph.D., director of the Nelson Institute’s Carnivore Coexistence Lab, and five other wolf scientists sent the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service a memo expressing concerns “that the best available science was not used in gray wolf, Canis lupus, managing and monitoring in the Western Great Lakes Region … during the period 28 Jan. 2012–31 Dec. 2013. … We found significant omissions of information, unorthodox methods, and statements that could potentially be misleading in the state report to the USFWS. … We recommend the secretary of the Interior consider the option of emergency relisting, as provided in Section 4(b)(7) of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 as amended, because completion of the independent review using the best available science will require time but the Wisconsin wolf harvest is set to resume 15 Oct. 2014.”

Citing the scientifically flawed DNR report, the memo recommends “suspension of the wolf harvest until the scientific public record is clear that the wolf population will stay above the state’s threatened level (250) with a 99 percent probability.”

The memo references two new threats to wolves not acknowledged by the DNR: hunting with hounds, and the unregulated training of free-running dogs on wolves, night and day, year-round, with no rules or safeguards for law enforcement to implement. The effects of constant assaults have never been studied.

To further muddle the situation, the DNR changed monitoring methods in 2013-14, thereby “making inter-annual comparisons impossible.”

“The Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission was refused access to the meeting where data aggregation and interpretation occurred” in the spring of 2014, notes the memo. This did away with one independent assessment.

The DNR acknowledged that since delisting, reporting on natural mortalities had declined but omitted acknowledging any poaching mortalities. The memo states that the DNR knew of the Swedish study findings that “poaching was systematically and substantially under-estimated because poachers destroyed evidence. … Those authors found 67 percent of poaching events, 51 percent of all wolf mortality, were concealed and no carcass recovered.”

The memo notes: “According to WDNR’s public record … historic mortality levels were 32-48 percent without harvest. Add that to the 2012 harvest of 15 percent (117 of 774 ) = 47-63 percent after harvest. Then they tell us in the state report that there was a 0.74 percent population decline by April 2013.”

With a higher wolf quota the next year, “the 2013 harvest represented a 35 percent mortality rate (275 out of a population estimated at 779 off-reservation). We added the above-mentioned historic mortality rate range to the harvest mortality rate for an expected, total mortality rate of 67-83 percent.”

The DNR somehow came out with a median 12.7 percent annual decline in the wolf population. The DNR simply omitted major mortality factors known to exist beyond the hunts.

Of the seven DNR assumptions, Treves and his team assessed five as risky and zero as cautious, leading to underestimation of wolf mortality since delisting. Wolf killing quotas are determined using this hunter-serving math.

The Wolf Advisory Committee was appointed by DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp to represent hunting groups, except for one mandated tribal representative. The minutes of their Sept.10 meeting admit, “The DNR has current ongoing research to develop population estimation methods; the data does not exist right now.” Why has it taken three years to develop these methods? Why continue a hunt with no existing data?

The scientists’ memo works with the suspect DNR estimate of wolves surviving. Treves emailed, “Remember we just used their own numbers to challenge their own estimates; that does not mean we accept their numbers.”

Why not strike a more urgent tone, or take legal action?

Joel Trick, of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Green Bay, told me pre-wolf hunt that a “very conservative estimate of wolf poaching was 100 wolves annually killed.” Now that the DNR and Legislature have fueled hatred for wolves as “vermin,” hounding 24/7 year-round on wolves and all wildlife encourages exponentially more opportunities for wolf haters to “shoot, shovel and shut up.”

Considering a corrupt delisting, poaching documented as 51 percent of all wolf mortality unreported by the DNR, natural mortalities inadequately reported, inevitable killing in hounding “training” year-round, and the hunt itself, it seems the DNR is manipulating mortality statistics to serve wolf-hater magical thinking.

The flawed DNR model was neither published nor independently peer-reviewed. The scientists request “an independent, scientific, peer-review panel be convened to advise the USFWS on a course of immediate action.” There has been no reply.

The morally bankrupt and inept DNR is not up to the task of managing wolves and wildlife in this state. It is too compromised by hunter/trapper/hounder power, money, greed, and ignorance.

This requires action to suspend the Oct. 15 wolf kill. Contact your legislators.

Next week, “Why state agencies manage wolves with disregard for science.”

Learn more about wolves in the YouTube documentary: “Living with Wolves.”

Please sign and network a petition to strengthen animal cruelty laws in Wisconsin.

Patricia Randolph of Portage is a longtime activist for wildlife. or

Copyright 2014 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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