Commentary by Wildlife Defence League: Government Stoops to New Low in BC Wolf Cull   2 comments

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

SourceWildlife Defence League

November 19, 2015Government Stoops to New Low in BC Wolf Cull

Commentary by Wildlife Defence League

Shocking new information has revealed that Liberal government contractors intend to follow wolves to their dens to slaughter entire packs, including pups. ‘Judas’ wolves, as they have come to be known, will be collared and traced to the pack’s location, making it that much easier to destroy them throughout the South Peace and South Selkirk.
Last year, the Liberal government ordered the killing of 84 wolves in the South Selkirk and South Peace Region to allow for the recovery of dwindling caribou herds. Despite the Liberal’s claim that wolves were to blame for loss of caribou, independent science points towards industrial expansion as the true reason for the decline. Recently, a Freedom of Information Request obtained by the Wilderness Committee outlines the timber industries attempt to avoid putting restrictions on…

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Posted 24 November, 2015 by Wolf is my Soul in News/Nyheter

2 responses to “Commentary by Wildlife Defence League: Government Stoops to New Low in BC Wolf Cull

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  1. Absolutely disgraceful! Why are they called “liberal”?

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    • Even I was totally blown away by the “sell-out” of these organisations! The methods described in the article are atrocious! The worst kind of “murderers”! There is aboslutely nothing dignified about their practices!!


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