I humbly accept the following award nomination   3 comments

Thank you dear Amelia for the excellent blog  Mungai and the Goa Constrictor, for acknowledging my blog in this way. I burn passionately for the defenseless animals of our world, struggling to survive because of mankind’s stupidity! I especielly protect the wolves around the world – hate to see them persecuted in all and every country. I could cry rivers of tears for the wolves at no avail. If you are interested check out my blog “Wolf Is My Soul” 

No more about me and more praise for Amelia and her blog. Sadly I have not followed her as long as I would have wanted. The thing that grabbed my attention first were the beautiful photos in her blog.


A  –  Animal lover and activist

B  –  Bipolar

C  –  Caring


E  –  Earthling, meaning I’m very concerned for the environment we have created and still          do.

F  –  Freedom – anywhere there are no people

G  –  Grandmother (1 here, 3 on the way)

H  –  Hate hunters with a vengeance

I  –  Income-deprived, lol

J  –  Joyrides!! Love them!!

K  –  Kittens

L  –  Life is sacred, ALL life!

M  –  Middle-aged (recently turned 50, ouch)

N  –  Non-religious at all

O  –  Observer

P  –  Poachers should be shot on sight!

Q  – Quiltsewing – tradition

R  –  Recovered heroinaddict since almost 14 years. YAY for me!!

S  –  Survivor.

T  –  Tranquility – going for long walks with my flock in the forest.

U  – Universe – unfathomable

V  –  Vagabond

W  –   Winter!!! Love the real thing, not the slosh we usually get here

X  –  X-ray – had one recently

Y  –  Yoga

Z  –  Zodiac – mine is Scorpio

Whew! That was it!! It was HARD, first thought it was a piece of cake, but no it wasn’t.

The terms of the award also include the honor of nominating 8 deserving bloggers for this award and to notify them. There are many deserving bloggers out there, and it is a task to limit the list to 8.
However, here is my list  (in random order) : 

Thank you dear Amelia, I believe that many of your readers stay and / or return  because you provide such an enjoyable blog and exquisite photographs.

To all those nominated and named in this blog   ~ A very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

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3 responses to “I humbly accept the following award nomination

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  1. Thank you so very much, dear Carina, for your kind and generous words. I am deeply honoured by them, my friend. I wanted so much to nominate your exceptional blog for all the wonderful and important work you do, especially for the wolves. Every post you write shows total devotion and love for them. If only they knew they had such a stalwart friend and supporter, I am sure they would howl with joy.

    A very, very happy New Year to you, my friend, and may 2014 bring peace to you, the animals and all the beautiful, majestic wolves of our world.


    • Thank you for espressing so eloquently how you feel about my beloved main topic ~ wolves. For some reason they have built a den of love, respect and compassion in my heart and soul, and I will cherish their wildness forever.

      My blessings for you and your loved ones in the year to come.


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