Meat scrap leftovers now being reprocessed into ice cream: The dismal future of food   2 comments

Disgusting!! Yuck. Had no clue this happens…

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Natural News

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) There appears to be no limit to how far the processed food industry will go to maximize its profits, even if it means reprocessing animal meat waste and adding it to completely unrelated foods like ice cream. This is the latest endeavor by industrial food researchers in Italy, Belgium, and elsewhere, who are right now developing novel methods to turn meat industry leftovers into protein-rich powders and slurry for the factory food industry.

As disgusting as it sounds, unused muscle tissue, tendons, bones, and other animal byproducts are loaded with proteins and fats that typically end up in landfills. According to, up to 50 percent of the animal weight processed by the meat industry is composted, discarded, or incinerated. But modern science is hoping to basically recycle this waste and turn it back into…

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2 responses to “Meat scrap leftovers now being reprocessed into ice cream: The dismal future of food

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  1. It is disgusting. Although I believe accordig to the articles that it has not happened yet. They want this to be the norm. Or so that is what I understood. Takes us back tothe pink slime episode. While I believe that it should be made available as a supplement for those who choose to use it . I do not agree that it should become a standard additive in our food. We should have a choice , something that we are not seeing too much of lately.

    Thank you for the re-blog 🙂


    • My mistake to not read the whole article *shame*. I’m no great fan of the meat industry but I have to agree that it’s the people who have to choose. That is why I’m all for content labeling in a comprehensive manner. People are thankfully much more aware of what they are consuming nowadays but the industry has to meet the full content label demands for that to take place.


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