ACTION ALERT: Tweetstorm Tuesday, July 29, 2014 – Dan Ashe – Director – USFWS

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Dan Ashe, the director of the USFWS, recently stated in a small round table discussion  ”that he sees a “giant clash” between those who favor conservation and those who favor economic development and that he believes that conservationists “must accept a world with fewer wolves, salmon, and spotted owls.” The Director of the very agency most responsible for protecting the nation’s biodiversity went on to say that, in the name of compromise, we must accept “a world with less biodiversity.”……H. Ronald Pulliam

What an incredible statement from a man whose responsibility it is to ”conserve the nature of America”. That is the mission statement plastered on the front page of the USFWS website.  Yet the director of this agency thinks we need less biodiversity? Of course I’m not surprised he said this because he’s pushing to delist wolves nationally.

We want to send Dan Ashe a message. We…

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Wolf is my Soul:

Är du djurägare? Då är detta läsvärt.

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Djurambulansen i Skåne AB drivs av Mikael Gustavsson och hans sambo Petra Borg i Höganäs. Det är ett företag som expanderat i takt med att länsstyrelsen omhändertagit allt fler djur.

DA resultat

De har upphandlingsavtal med polisen i Skåne, Halland och Västra Götaland om hämtning, transport och uppstallning av omhändertagna och upphittade djur. Detta trots att företaget saknar yrkestrafiktillstånd och alltså inte får fakturera körningar. Vilket man naturligtvis gör.


Mikael Gustavsson är opportunist med ett rymligt samvete och en rad bolag. Hans ombud har sin firma registrerad i Gibraltar och vet säkert hur man fixar och trixar. Trots att Gustavsson är dömd för bokföringsbrott och är dömd att betala stora skatteskulder i tidigare byggföretag har han undertecknat sanningsförsäkran inför upphandling av polisens djurhantering. Konkurrenterna hade inte erforderliga tillstånd, men det har alltså inte Djurambulansen heller.

De senaste åren har gått som på räls. Länsstyrelsen åker runt och samlar ihop djuren åt honom och polisen betalar snällt…

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These Animal Rescues Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity VIDEO | One Green Planet

Wolf is my Soul:

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dog is drowning. A severely injured kitten. A whale tangled in a net. What would you do if you saw an animal in distress? Chances are, if you have even an ounce of compassion for living creatures, you will do something to help. Some people will call for help, some will do nothing, but others don’t think twice about rushing in to help. Firefighters are prime examples of the type of people who go toward danger instead of away and they will do everything in their power to rescue people and animals from all sorts of life threatening situations, even knowing their lives could be at risk.

In this video, you will watch a compilation of animal rescues (and one man needing help) collected from all over the world. Your faith in humanity will be restored as you witness heartwarming endings to animal rescues

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What do Wolves, Hunting Accidents and Trophy Hunter Kendall Jones have in Common?

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Answer: Well, nothing really, yet. They just happen to be three of the more popularHNTSTK_1_2__66133_1314490481_1280_1280 keywords, and I hoped that if I used them in a title I’d tempt more of you to read some of the recent posts that have been overlooked according to this blog’s stats.

Why, for instance, did an article about Kendall Jones’ trophy hunting pictures receive over 22,000 reads here, whereas posts about climate change, elk or mute swans have only been looked at by a few dozen?

I’m trying to figure out what makes people tick.

Maybe there just aren’t enough hunting accidents involving trophy hunters to keep people reading.


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”Vargen kommer”…

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…skallet går inom LRF och Centerpartiet i Småland, ”- Vargen kommer!” Man vill inte, orkar inte skydda sina får via rovdjursavvisande stängsel.

”- Nu måste skyddsjakt och licensjakt omgående komma igång i Mellansverige, annars får vi i södra Sverige snart samma situation med vargar som även angriper nötboskap. Att stängsla hjälper inte heller alltid och det går åt ofantligt mycket stängsel till alla små betesmarker”, säger LRF Syds ordförande Lars-Ove Johansson. Givetvis kan inte LRF tänka sig någonting annat än jakt på varg.

Det här med att vargen angriper nötboskap är sällsynt, enligt Viltskadecenters statistik för 2013 var det bara fyra skadade nötboskap som vargen kan bindas till, varav tre döda. Ser man till det totala antalet vargdödade tamboskap är problemet marginellt och går att bygga bort via bra stängsel och rätt uppsatta stängsel. Många ”glömmer” t.ex. att stängsla mot vattendrag, man tror inte vargen kan simma, men det…

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The Amazing Journey and Sad End of Wolf 314F (UPDATE)

Originally posted on Howling For Justice:

July 26, 2014

This little Mill Creek Pack wolf was another casualty of the war on wolves.


UPDATE: October 16, 2012

I posted this story in October 2009 about an amazing little Mill Creek Pack wolf, who traveled 1000 miles from her home in Montana to a lonely hillside in Colorado, called ”No Name Ridge”, where her bones were found.

Her death has been under investigation by USFWS all this time.

Finally, after almost two years,  it was announced she was poisoned by the deadly compound 1080. It is one of the horrific poisons Wildlife Services uses in its arsenal to kill our wildlife.

The organization Predator Defense has been trying for years to ban this  deadly compound along with Sodium Cyanide, used in M-44s. So far they have been unsuccessful in their bid to do so. Maybe now people will wake up and realize they must  pressure Congress to ban these deadly poisons FOREVER.

Apparently Compound 1080 is banned in Colorado, which would make 314f’s death an illegal…

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Wisconsin Sinks To New Low..

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We all know Wisconsin is allowing trophy hunters to chase down wolves with dogs. It was challenged in the courts by humane organizations who recognize this for what it is, cruelty, pure and simple.  An appeals court recently ruled  the state can go forward with this disgusting, ugly practice, essentially sanctioning  dog fighting.

Wisconsin is gaining the reputation as Idaho east, except even Idaho, as brutal as their policies are toward wolves, don’t allow this. Just wondering how these so-called Wisconsin ”hunters” would like to be chased down by dogs?  They wouldn’t be so ”brave” then, now would they?



LETTER: Wisconsin has poor version of ethical hunting

July 23, 2014 3:03 pm  • 

Black bears should no longer feel solely terrorized and persecuted by hound hunters in training activities; the gray wolf has now joined their ranks.

Here’s how hound training on both…

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