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Photo courtesy of the Arizona Game and Fish Department Francisco pack alpha female 511 was a member of the first Mexican wolf pack released in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests of eastern Arizona in March 1998.

By Tammy Gray

A heated meeting regarding the introduction of Mexican gray wolves south of Interstate 40 highlighted the efforts by the Arizona Game and Fish Department to push the federal government to create a management plan for the wolves.

Winslow City Councilman Marshall Losey reported that the federal plan has no cap on the number of wolves and does not include any sort of plan for managing the population, including attacks on livestock. He noted that, according to information presented at the Oct. 15 meeting, Arizona Game and Fish is working to find a balance between the $28 million federal wolf recovery program and the concerns of local residents.

“I believe they are trying to do the best they can for all of us,” he said. “I believe they are trying to help ranchers as much as possible to manage it.”

Losey noted that the general consensus is that the program cannot be stopped and the wolves are going to be released throughout Arizona, so the best course of action is to try to establish a plan that will limit the population and provide compensation for lost livestock.

“The thought is that there’s going to be a wolf rule one way or the other, so we better get on the right side of this,” he said.

Game and Fish had previously reached an agreement with the Cattleman’s Association for a cap of 100 wolves, but the department has now asked to increase that number to between 300 and 325. According to Losey, Game and Fish officials feel that the federal government will not accept a cap of 100.

“The feds have determined that 100 is not a viable number,” he remarked.

Approximately 35 area residents attended the meeting, which was sponsored by Arizona Game and Fish, and of those around 25 were directly involved in ranching. Some ranchers were opposed to the release of any wolves in the area, while others agreed that the best course of action is to work with the federal government to limit the number of wolves.

“Arizona Game and Fish’s stance is that an unmanaged wolf program will be disastrous. They are looking toward a compensation program for farmers and ranchers,” Losey said. “It’s a matter of trying to manage it rather than buck it.”

The current plan calls for the release of wolves across most of Arizona, including the areas south of Interstate 40 in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.

“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is advocating releases to extend across the entire state as a means to ensure recovery,” Losey said.

The Navajo County Board of Supervisors recently sent a letter to the federal agency protesting the lack of cooperation with state and local governments in creating a plan for managing the wolves. The letter notes that although meetings were held with state and local agencies, no real cooperation or input was allowed. Navajo County contends that the agency is not complying with the requirements of the Endangered Species Act by refusing to work with affected government agencies.

“Specifically, to date, the service actions, or lack thereof, do not represent a genuine good faith attempt to develop an agreement, or even to actually work with the state and tribal agencies, local governments and stakeholders,” the letter notes.

Losey noted that the action could have a significant impact on many area residents.

“This is a great concern for many ranchers, farmers and outdoorsmen as an increase in the wolf population could have a significant impact on their livelihood,” he said.

He explained that although there may be little chance of changing the plans for the wolf program, the best hope is to work for changes to the Endangered Species Act, which was passed in 1976.

“I encourage people to contact their Congressmen,” he said.

Español: Lobo en el zoo de Kolmården (Suecia).

Español: Lobo en el zoo de Kolmården (Suecia). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Wolf is my Soul:

These images are horrific but people NEED to see what is going on in Thailand and other nations.

Originally posted on SAY NO TO DOG MEAT.NET:


Thailand: Dog Meat and Dog Skin Boss Arrested

The Royal Thai Army and Royal Thai Police conducted a surprise midnight raid on a dog skin tannery and meat works a few nights ago, owned and run by one of Tha-Rae’s most powerful men. We thank Soi Dog Foundation and Watchdog Thailand for their involvement in the operation.


Inside the illegal dog meat slaughterhouse and dog skin tannery.

The operation busted the biggest boss in the region for dog skins and dog meat, which is a huge accomplishment. Four people  were arrested on the spot, including the owner of the operation and his Vietnamese wife.


Inside the illegal dog meat slaughterhouse and dog skin tannery.

Tha Rae is a village within north-east Thailand, which is also known as modern-day Laos.

At the scene, Police seized the following:
88 dogs which were dead at the scene.
14 dogs which  had already been…

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Det gäller att ha rätt kontakter   Leave a comment

Originally posted on Astrids miljö- och samhällsblogg:

Pernilla Ström DN

För dem som inte känner till Djurskyddsmyndigheten och vad som hände sedan.

Hans Röös skriver:

”Det är Pernilla Ström vi har att tacka för att Djurskyddsmyndigheten lades ner och länsstyrelsen tog över. Hon och hennes sambo Klas Eklund chefsekonom på SE-banken och Posten även talskrivare till Olof Palme (f.d. statssekreterare hos Kjell Olof Feldt känd för slagsmål på Finansdepartementet, där han 1994 knockade en journalist från Kalla Fakta, Jan Scherman) hade nyss köpt sin hästgård i Skåne (14 miljoner, vill jag minnas?) och höll på att investera i en ridanläggning.

De stötte då på byråkratin på Djurskyddsmyndigheten (Totte & Co) varvid hon skrev en artikel på framskjuten plats i DN där hon ansåg att Djurskyddsmyndigheten borde läggas ner. Därefter tog det inte lång tid innan beslutet om nedläggning kom.

Hennes mor, Turid Ström f.d. riksdagsledamot och stridbar politiker i kampen för jämställdhet och kvinnors rättigheter, var sambo med Bengt Dennis, f.d. riksbankschef. Så hon har…

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Rhino horn declining in demand   1 comment



A story published by The Guardian states that rhino horn is in less demand. This news comes at a time when rhinos have reached the ‘tipping point’ – when rhino numbers are declining from poaching faster than rhino are reproducing.

“A poll conducted by Nielsen for the Humane Society International (HSI) and the Vietnam Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Cites) found that Rhino horn demand in Vietnam dropped by more than a third in one year.”


Efforts to curb trade in rhino horn appear to be gaining traction

A year long public information campaign to try to deter people from buying and consuming rhino horn was conducted in Vietnam, a key market for the trade of rhino horn.

The public information campaign, done through business, university, school and women’s groups in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, focused on dispelling the myth that rhino horn has medicinal value.

Following the campaign, only 2.6% of people in Vietnam now continue to buy and use rhino horn, a decrease of 38%, the report stated.

And there has been a 25% decrease in the number of people who think rhino horn, which is made of the same material as fingernails and hair, has medicinal value. However, 38% of Vietnamese still think it can treat diseases such as cancer and rheumatism.


One Person Can Make a Difference

One woman, an Australian named Lynn Johnson, raised money to launch a series of advertisements in Vietnam that warn people rhino horn is harmful to them and is a bad choice as a status symbol.

Advertisements have appeared on buses and billboards, and an HSI book called I’m a Little Rhino has been distributed in schools.

Ms. Johnson is a business woman with no prior experience in conservation efforts. To that I say, well done. 

“The messaging has gone up significantly in Vietnam over the past year which is fantastic,” Ms. Johnson said. “Our campaign targets the users directly but overall the amount of information aimed at Vietnamese has increased markedly.”

Although there are a lot of questions still to be answered in how this data was obtained – for instance, how many people did they poll to come up with these statistics?; has the supply side of the poaching chain slowed down yet? – it’s a hopeful sign that in a  short period of time, through education, a focused campaign in the right areas, and the help of individuals like you and me, public perception can be changed.

Behavior then usually follows.

Yes, it appears things are finally heading in the right direction, but this doesn’t mean we can not afford to stop anti-poaching efforts. If anything, these findings only confirm that our efforts are working and that maybe there is a chance to halt demand for rhino horn and save the African Rhino after all.

Read more:



Is bushmeat behind the Ebola outbreak?   Leave a comment

Wolf is my Soul:

The source has to come from somewhere – why not bushmeat? At the time nothing can be ruled out.

Originally posted on Exposing the Big Game:

Ebola: Is bushmeat behind the outbreak?


Bushmeat is believed to be the origin of the current Ebola outbreak. The first victim’s family hunted bats, which carry the virus. Could the practice of eating bushmeat, which is popular across Africa, be responsible for the current crisis?

The origin has been traced to a two-year-old child from the village of Gueckedou in south-eastern Guinea, an area where batmeat is frequently hunted and eaten.

The infant, dubbed Child Zero, died on 6 December 2013. The child’s family stated they had hunted two species of bat which carry the Ebola virus.

Bushmeat or wild animal meat covers any animal that is killed for consumption including antelopes, chimpanzees, fruit bats and rats. It can even include porcupines and snakes.

In some remote areas it is a necessary source of food – in others it…

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Wolves   Leave a comment

Originally posted on Dionysus Amber:

Weary wolves wander
Searching for buffalo prey
No meal today

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Say NO to yoga with dolphins at The Mirage in Las Vegas   Leave a comment

Originally posted on Don Lichterman:

Say NO to yoga with dolphins at The Mirage in Las Vegas

Yoga…with DOLPHINS? You read that correctly. The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is exploiting the dolphins they have in captivity by using them as a ”serene” backdrop for a yoga class. I saw some news coverage of this and felt motivated to speak up. It’s time to put an end to this lifetime of cruelty for  dolphins, and also raise awareness around the problematic issue of keeping wild animals in captivity for human entertainment.

I’m a yoga teacher who focuses on bringing the wisdom of yoga into modern day life.  I can understand why people might like the idea of beautiful dolphins swimming silently next to their sticky mat as they practice yoga, but this concept misses an important point. Yoga is about non-harming, interconnection with nature, and compassion. So how can it be OK to take highly intelligent marine mammals, stick them in captivity…

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